Tech By Paco

Need computer repair services in Snowflake or surrounding areas of Northern Arizona? Contact a local family owned small business for prompt, personalized help. Simply let us know and we can fix your technology problems, whether it is a virus, slow computer, broken tablet, or crashed hard drive. We can help maintain your investment in your current device by repairing it, upgrading it, or reinstalling it. This keeps money in your pocket and electronic waste out of the land fills.

We can also advise you when it is time to let that favorite old machine rest in peace and assist you in choosing a new one. We can even move most all your files, pictures, music, and apps with out any of the clutter. When we are finished, we can wipe your old device so your data stays secure before your recycle it. Your old computer, phone or table may even find a second life via donation to those in need.

Contact us today and let us know how we can serve you!

Having started with computers at a young age, Daniel has over 25 years of experience with solving the many issues that family and friends had with new technology. Daniel worked at the local school district for many years, honing his skills of repairing machines and training teachers and students. Daniel now works as a Database Administrator and also maintaining the servers & software that support the daily operations of the local college. Daniel is driven to help people engage their technology and enjoys the personal connection that each new client brings.

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